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Social Media Content Hotseats is a 3-month program in which we discuss individual business’s and brainstorm social media content ideas.

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Social Media Content Hotseats is a 3-month program in which we will discuss each individual’s business and brainstorm social media content ideas for that individual.

Each week EVERY participant will have their moment on the “hotseat” and the group will provide unique content tailored to their business’s goals and vision.

Even with a well-aligned personal vision and an emphasis on legacy, entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed with the continuous demand for fresh and relevant content. We may lack the diverse perspectives needed to rejuvenate our content strategy.

Getting on the “hotseat” offers a unique opportunity to receive diverse content ideas tailored to YOUR brand. And there’s nothing better than having a group of like-minded entrepreneurs from various backgrounds providing diverse feedback for you to pick and choose what really resonates!

This is an opportunity to build deep-rooted business relationships, anticipate market trends, and translate your unique vision into engaging content.

We will meet once a week for about an hour and a half:

  • 15 minutes introduction/housekeeping
  • 60 minutes hotseats
  • 15 minutes reflection/takeaways and close


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