Your BIG Dreams are waiting.

Let’s make them real.

If you're a women at life’s crossroads, feeling like there should be more to life:
Let's turn your ‘what ifs’ into ‘why nots’, so you silence your inner critic
... and design YOUR road ahead.

big Dreams in waiting, let's get them started.

Turning your 'someday' dreams into today's reality.

Every chapter of life brings its own tales. But amidst the hustle, have you paused to listen to your own voice? It murmurs of dreams untapped, of potential waiting to unfurl. It reminds you of the woman yearning to emerge, free from predefined labels.

When you're standing at life's crossroads, for the first time you have a choice.  All the possibilities, all the directions, and all the tangents, it can all be exciting, and  it can all be overwhelming.

Because this time, maybe for the first time, it's all for you.

Every crossroad leads to opportunity, which leads to discovery. We will confidently navigate shifts and build, not only the vision of who you will become, but the reality. Reveal your vision with my methodology, guidance, and encouragement. 

This is where your aspirations meet direction. With my approach, integrating science, spirituality, and a whole lot of FUN💃, we chart a course that's uniquely yours. A path carved from insights, experiences, and most importantly, your dreams so you can take inspired action and move forward. 

Together, with understanding and empathy, we'll go beyond the mundane, so you can step confidently into the next phase of your radiant journey.

The horizon holds promise; let's chase it!

"Keep your eyes on the horizon, your hands on the wheel,
and your foot on the GAS!

Let's DO THIS!!"

– Amelia (and yes, this is me racing! 💃 aka, my BIG Dream)

Dreams to reality, step by step.

Are you heading in the right direction?

Find out by completing the Self-Awareness Assessment. 

Embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery, aspiration, and actionable steps. From understanding the barriers that held you back to charting a personalized path forward, this Self-Awareness Assessment serves as your compass.

Specially designed for women at life's pivotal moments, this tool doesn't just point to the horizon – it sets you on the route. Ignite the transformation, one insight at a time.

Turning crossroads into clear paths.

Helping dreamers navigate life's shifts.

I collaborate with women who are at life's pivotal moments, illuminating paths that lead to fulfilling dreams,
and creating tangible transformations.

Navigating new narratives

Reignite purpose,
redefine possibilities

Change is inevitable; your response to it is your power. With one-on-one support shed the old, embrace your core, and weave a tale that celebrates your reinvention. Never go it alone, go with your Achievement Coach!

Dreams in drive

Dreams clarified,
passions crystalized

Dive into desires, shape them into destiny. With our bootcamp style mastermind, get community support and coach guidance so that your passions won't just be dreams, but doors to new adventures.

Shaping entreprenure dreams

Reach further
with support

Remove frustration, boost brand identity, and create intentional content that supports your business and success of clients through the support of the Social Media Content Hotseats Mastermind.

Hey, I'm Amelia

I'm a dream-weaver, change catalyst, and vision nurturer on a mission to transform dreams into tangible realities.

Behind every decision I've made, behind every challenge I've tackled, there's been one consistent thread: an unyielding belief in human potential. I've witnessed, time and again, the transformative power of tapping into one's deepest passions and the strength that arises from embracing change.

Your dreams? They're valid. Your ambitions? Entirely achievable. But sometimes, the bridge between where you are and where you want to be seems just out of reach. That's where I come in. It's not just about reaching a goal, but the journey of discovery and growth along the way. With me, your dreams aren't just visions; they become your new reality.


Will you be one of my success stories?

Clarity and Confidence

Working with Amelia at Dodona has helped me gain clarity and confidence in getting my business really moving. I came to Dodona completely lost. Amelia helped me develop my business's branding and signature system. The coaching has offered me amazing support that has helped me develop confidence and clarity on exactly what it is I want my business to provide for my clients!

Sondra Hardy

Founder, Room To Move

Upgraded Pricing!

Amelia gave me the confidence and asked me the right questions to help me buy in to the value (and the matching pricing) for my clients. Amelia's approach helped me to unveil the solutions that really resonated with me. Without her, I undoubtedly would have charged much less for my services but now I can work with fewer (but higher quality) clients and deliver superior results because I don't have to stretch myself thin. Thank you Amelia! Your coaching service is absolutely worth it!

Melissa Wanstall

Owner and CEO, Find Your Life's Purpose with Human Design

From stuck to unstuck!

To say that I was stuck would be an understatement. Amelia unstuck me. I will remain forever grateful for the methods and outcome of our time together. I highly recommend her to anyone with business or personal block to success. She is masterful!

Jill Courtney

Writer/Leader/Vocalist/Audio/Video/Social Media Producer/Educator/Photographer

Charting courses, crafting dreams

Become the architect of your dreams

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Don't just wish ... you CAN enjoy the journey as well as the destination!