Hi, I'm Amelia

Welcome to a space where dreams are not just heard, but honored; where every wild, wonderful whim finds a cheerleader in me. I'm Amelia, and my mission is to ignite the spark of possibility in every soul I meet.

This journey, this grand adventure called life, is brimming with potential – your potential. I believe in the power of pursuing dreams, no matter how unconventional or grandiose they may seem.

Here, we champion the belief that everyone deserves to live their best life, a life full of support, learning, resilience, and boundless joy. Every idea you hold, every aspiration that stirs your heart, is a precious gem that deserves to see the light of day.

I'm here to nurture these dreams, to elevate the human spirit through mutual support, and to celebrate the lessons learned along the way – even when they come wrapped in challenges. Together, let's dust off the setbacks, embrace the adventures, and not just exist, but truly live. Because in this journey of life, every moment is an opportunity to weave an extraordinary story.

How do you describe what you do to someone you meet at a dinner party?

So, imagine your dearest friend has this giant, beautiful dream, but she's tangled in a web of doubts and "what ifs." I jump in, scissors in hand, and snip away those doubts, all while cheerleading her on with pompoms and a tad bit of tough love. In essence, I guide fabulous women through life's twists and turns to conquer their big, bold, and sometimes scary goals. And hey, sometimes that involves me bursting into a spontaneous dance! 💃

What are you known for?

People say I'm like a safety net for dreams. I'm that friend who'll not only hold your hand through the storm but also throw in an umbrella and a motivational playlist! I’ve crafted a sanctuary where it's okay to have a meltdown, pick up the pieces, and strut forward like the diva you are. And my superpower? I believe in dreams—even the ones you're too shy to admit to.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Oh, where to start! At 50, while some were exploring knitting, I was zooming around as a licensed race car driver.  🏎️🏎️🏎️  And, from a struggling single mom to building a cocoon of love and comfort for my family – my journey's been a rollercoaster. But hey, doesn't that make the view from the top even sweeter?

What's the most rewarding part of your work?

You know that spark in someone's eyes when they've just conquered their Everest? That's my jam! Every time I see someone dance past their fears, I do a little happy jig. The sheer pride, joy, and that "I did it!" gleam I witness—it's like watching a flower bloom in fast-forward. Pure magic!

What's your personal mantra?

Picture this: Wind in your hair, open road ahead. I say, "Keep your eyes on the horizon, your hands on the wheel, and your foot on the GAS! Let's DO THIS!" And when things get tough? Just remember, we were born to fly.

Why should someone work with you over another [what you do]?

It’s simple: I'm in it, heart and soul. Every tear, every cheer, every triumph—I feel it as if it's my own. And hey, my blend of fierce passion, deep empathy, and a sprinkle of zest? You won't find that magic mix just anywhere.

How would your clients describe you?

Let's see! They'd say I'm the life of the party: gregarious, loud (in the best possible way), and bursting with enthusiasm. I’ve got the energy of a toddler on a sugar rush, the heart of a teddy bear, and the spirit of a rockstar. And while I can be a touch wild and wacky, I've got just the right amount of woo-woo spirituality to keep things grounded.

Guiding dreamers to bold futures

Who I work with and how I help

My expertise lies in guiding individuals through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, ensuring that your goals are not just set, but achieved, leading to a life of fulfillment and joy.

1:1 Coaching

Tailored Coaching for
Dream Achievers

My 1:1 coaching is designed to offer you personalized support and strategies that align with your unique goals, ensuring a journey of growth, achievement, and self-discovery. 

Goals Bootcamp

Collective Wisdom,
Personal Success

Goals Bootcamp combines the power of community with individualized attention, creating an environment where personal goals are realized with shared learning and support.

Social Media Content Hotseats

Elevating Your
Digital Presence

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs weekly in a safe space to craft content that resonates, elevates your brand, and connects deeply with your audience.

Your Moment Awaits

Make Today the Start of Your Best Chapter

As a dreamer and achiever, your potential is limitless. With my support, let's unlock it and soar to new heights.

My mission is to have everyone who comes into my sphere of influence to have their dreams supported and encouraged, no matter how strange or crazy it seems to others. I desire to bring forth the spark of life in each and every eye I encounter on this grand adventure called life.

  • I believe everyone should follow their dreams
  • I believe everyone deserves their best life 
  • I believe everyone deserves support
  • I believe ideas are awesome and should see the light of day
  • I believe people should be nurtured
  • I believe people helping people raises the bar
  • I believe people should be allowed to learn their own lessons, no matter how painful
  • I believe in dusting people off when they “fail” and encouraging them to continue trying again.
  • I believe life can be easy and fun I believe everyone should have adventures
  • I believe life is worth LIVING, not just existing