One-to-one coaching

Your Dreams, My Strategy:
Unveiling Your Personal Path to Success.

Enabling dreamers and doers to surpass their limits, and providing the tools and support to transform aspirations into achievements so that you have a life aligned to your values.

In our one-to-one coaching sessions, we delve deep into the heart of your aspirations. Here, your dreams are heard and honored. You’re not just another client; you’re a unique individual with dreams that matter.

Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking your potential, and turning your deepest ambitions into tangible successes so that you create the life and lifestyle that provides your version of happiness and success.

Crafting Your Success Story

Your Dreams Deserve Action: Let’s Make Them Happen Together

Together, we'll craft a path where your goals aren't just ideas, but milestones you'll conquer.



Deep Dive into Self-Discovery: Unlocking Your True Potential

Through our sessions, you'll gain more than just clarity on your goals; you'll undergo a transformation of self. You'll uncover layers of potential you never knew existed. This journey is as much about discovering who you are as it is about achieving your goals.

Through guided introspection and customized exercises, you'll learn to recognize your innate strengths, harness your inner wisdom, and challenge the beliefs that have held you back. You'll bring forth an authentic version of yourself ready to face any challenge. 



Embrace Your Mission: Nurture Your Vision

In our journey together, we not only acknowledge your dreams; we embrace them with love.

Your ambitions are more than mere thoughts – they are the seeds of your future triumphs. I am here to provide a safe space to meet and explore your vision, fan the flames of your deepest aspirations, and bring your goals into focus. 

This process is not about idle dreaming; it's about setting a course for real destinations, where your visions show up in real life.



Crafting a Personalized Roadmap: From Dreams to Reality

With focused guidance, your dreams gain clarity and direction, from which you can confidently pursue them and create your best life.

Every woman’s dream is a universe in itself.

Our journey begins with discovering the fabric of your aspirations as I listen intently to your story and appreciate the depths of your vision. 

We'll map out a personalized plan, charting a course built from your individuality and focused on your specific goals. This journey will nurture your dreams into a vibrant reality so that you curate the life you've always wanted.

This transformative journey reveals new facets of your capabilities and may push the boundaries of what you thought possible. You will develop a mindset that not only anticipates challenges but embraces them as opportunities for growth and learning. This resilient approach ensures that your journey to realizing your dreams is as robust and unyielding as your ambition.

"Fantasy CAN become reality. Dreams DO come true...
IF you make a plan and take action!"


Dream. Plan. Achieve.

Here's how we'll work together:

My approach is all about tuning into your vision and finding ways to make it a reality. Let's work together to design a roadmap to your dream destination so that you can take the reins  and create your own life.

  • It can be hard to find someone you can talk to who won't change the subject or degrade your idea. What really works is someone who:
    • is as excited about your idea as you are
    • listens and appreciates the possibility
    • can support you and help find a way to "figure it out".
    • is more interested in what you're doing than following a preconceived approach.
    • takes the time to be excited, sad, energized, or deflated WITH you
    • has a helping hand to show the way forward (pull you out of the ditch).
    • encourages you to follow your crazy idea just to see what happens.
  • What you get from working with me is that you are not alone. I love people and I love seeing them shine as they accomplish their dreams and goals. If you want, I'll stand by you as your cheerleader until you get there.
  • Another thing I know is that even if you don't feel ready right now, there is always some small step that you can take to get you closer to making your dream a reality. Micro-baby steps cover just as much ground as long leaps (and generally work faster! ;) ) Part of why this works is that we set dedicated time every week so your progress towards your dreams is always front and center. It's also the time in which we adjust anything as changes happen and new information comes to light. Being able to adjust in real time helps to keep you going in YOUR right direction.
  • With me by your side, holding your idea as precious, you'll get stronger and be able to stand in the power of your dream. Even through adversity, when obstacles show up I'll help you through by teaching you ways to look at them, figure out why they're there, and utilize their lessons to navigate confidently and keep moving towards YOUR goals.
  • I've found that the right mindset is a game-changer, transforming every challenge into an opportunity. You will find that every conversation we have is grounded in this principle. No matter what you bring, we will always start with making sure that where you're coming from and the direction you're headed aligns with where you want to go.
FOR A FABULOUS finish...

Hear what people are saying

From stuck to unstuck!

To say that I was stuck would be an understatement. Amelia unstuck me. I will remain forever grateful for the methods and outcome of our time together. I highly recommend her to anyone with business or personal block to success. She is masterful!

Jill Courtney

Writer/Leader/Vocalist/Audio/Video/Social Media Producer/Educator/Photographer

Upgraded Pricing!

Amelia gave me the confidence and asked me the right questions to help me buy in to the value (and the matching pricing) for my clients. Amelia's approach helped me to unveil the solutions that really resonated with me. Without her, I undoubtedly would have charged much less for my services but now I can work with fewer (but higher quality) clients and deliver superior results because I don't have to stretch myself thin. Thank you Amelia! Your coaching service is absolutely worth it!

Melissa Wanstall

Owner and CEO, Find Your Life's Purpose with Human Design

Clarity and Confidence

Working with Amelia at Dodona has helped me gain clarity and confidence in getting my business really moving. I came to Dodona completely lost. Amelia helped me develop my business's branding and signature system. The coaching has offered me amazing support that has helped me develop confidence and clarity on exactly what it is I want my business to provide for my clients!

Sondra Hardy

Founder, Room To Move

It's Your Time to Shine

Discover, Design, and Realize Your Dreams
The Time is Now

Step into a world where your dreams become your reality. This is your exclusive invitation to embark on a life-changing journey, turning dreams into plans and aspirations into realities. Seize the moment to create a future filled with success, happiness, and fulfillment.