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Simply Systemize™ Course


This course takes you through the full process of finding your Customer Journey, identifying the important processes to document, and writing your first basic process so that you are able to document your business and spend time ON your business instead of IN it.

Documenting your processes will give you the knowledge of :

  • What can be taken off your plate and given to others
  • Who needs to be hired onto your team to take those items
  • How to train your newly hired team members
  • Where you can take your business to the next level
  • When you can start to grow your business


We believe that people deserve to be exactly who they are without shame. It is our dream that everyone have the support and encouragement they need to follow their dreams to fruition.
We support our clients with wonder, amusement, and energy. We believe that it is possible for our clients to live a simple, fulfilled life that is easy and fun.