Celebrate Milestones: Enjoy the Journey to Your BIG Dream

Dreams lead to exciting things!

Let’s face it. Most of the time, we spend our time doing the work that "needs" to be done. It can feel like drudgery with no end in sight. But then something shifts and all of a sudden, all the things are happening in rapid succession!

The Road to Your Dream

I spent five years working on my dream. Going through multiple different iterations of what it could look like before finally being able to get rid of the outside voices of “should” or “you’re good at this” and really listening to my inner guidance, saying yes, and letting all the other ideas fall by the wayside.

With that one decision made, it was head down, work on the emotional and mental blocks, try and fail, cry and come back for more. In all of that there was growth and a fierce determination (and some pretty scary decisions along the way). But it’s all coming together into the dream I never saw coming.

Building Your Dream Foundation

When you’re willing to keep plugging away whenever you can, between the J.O.B., family, and friends, you are laying the foundation for your dream to grow. As you discover things that you’re willing to do and things that you’re not willing to do, you may have to shift some ideas around. What you thought your dream was in the beginning, turns out to be just the starting point. Or maybe a side note to the real dream.

This is a GOOD thing. This process of focus, discovery, and decision aligns your life and dream together, showing you what’s possible for your future. You wouldn’t be able to see those possibilities before, because there were things to learn or release in order for the real, or next, dream to come into focus.

And then, once things have settled into place and the engine is primed, things start moving FAST! VRROOMM!

Enjoying the Speed of Success

The cool thing about it all is that it’s not a scary jump to speed. All that work you’ve done, all that practice and reiteration has prepared and conditioned you to handle the speed with competence. And, you just may learn a new thing or two that helps you to sit even easier in the driver's seat of your dreams (like delegating 🤪).

It’s great to be in the flow knowing that you’re enjoying the uplevel that has been attained. Make sure you celebrate this new level. Sit with it and revel in it. Don’t just move ahead to the next thing just yet. Really appreciate the flow and rest in it with a smile.

You’ll know when it’s time to start thinking about what the next level will look like. For now, enjoy the fun and excitement of doing the THING that has been on your list for so long. Enjoy the milestone you’re about to hit and do a little 10-Second Bootie Wiggle!

If you’re ready to start the adventure of finding and going for your BIG Dream, the Dream BIG Webinar is a GREAT first step! I invite you to come join the fun. Just click HERE, register, and you’re in! That’s it, it’s free!

Hope to see you there!

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