Recognizing Your Hidden Progress

Sometimes it feels like all you do is work without seeing any results. You keep clearing out the junk (mental, emotional, and/or physical), but there’s just more junk avalanching its way to you. Or it feels like you’re just moving it from one space to the next without really clearing it out.

Recognizing Your Progress

And then the moment happens when you notice just how much work you’ve done. A phrase slips out of your mouth. Someone else says something that shows you just how far you’ve come. You see someone struggling where you were and realize you’re not there anymore.

This wave of relief comes over you and you sit in awe realizing that you really have moved to the next level. That mountain has dwindled to a foothill and the avalanches aren’t as hazardous…they’re actually kind of manageable.

When you get to this moment, CELEBRATE IT! Take a moment to breathe and revel in your accomplishments. And remember it, because soon enough you’ll be head down in your adventure moving forward and working towards that thing and wondering, again, why you’re not seeing any results.

Real-Life Breakthroughs

Sometimes the results don’t show until years later. I was just speaking with a client where this happened. She and her partner were working towards building a space of security and stability, but he had never really known stability.

They purchased a home 3 years ago, but he was unable to emotionally claim it as his. He still had the fear that it would be taken away from him, so he didn’t do much of anything to take care of it. He treated it like it was a rental.

There was a lot of back and forth between the two until recently he was overheard saying, “I love our home.” They had a conversation where he realized that he didn’t have to worry about finding a new place to live or the rent going up. He saw and felt that this really was HIS home. And he was able to join my client in working on a home project together without arguing. He was beginning to claim his home.

It took THREE YEARS to clear out the old mental and emotional wounds for him to be able to accept that he was worthy of this gift of a stable home and really settle into it.

It was quite the a-ha for my client. She realized that, because of all the work she was doing in her life, he was actually doing the work too! She was just too busy with her head down plugging away to see the small progress. She was engulfed in the avalanche.

The Ripple Effect

You see, when YOU start shifting, those around you must shift as well. When you go for YOUR dream, you allow space for others to go for theirs. You start to show them how to take those micro-baby steps towards their own personal happiness. And one day you turn around and you’re both in a much better place. You are both able to trust the ground you’re walking upon.

It’s moments like this where it’s really nice to be able to share with others who have been on the journey alongside you, heard your rants and raves, and can celebrate these small, seemingly insignificant wins…because they are NOT small or insignificant! They are evidence that your life is going in the direction you want. That all the work, frustration, and self-determination is totally working.

If you are looking for a space and community to share your dreams and celebrate in your wins, I invite you to check out the next Dream BIG Webinar. Just click HERE to register and I’ll send you information on the next event. Until then, keep working towards your BIG Dreams. I’m right here, cheering you on!

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