Staying Motivated in Energy-Draining Situations

Sometimes you find yourself in a space in which your energy is completely sapped and you feel worn down and unmotivated. Staying motivated in energy-draining situations can be challenging, but it's not impossible. It would be best to remove yourself from the environment, but what do you do if you can’t?

The Impact of Energy-Draining Environments on Motivation

There are certain people and places in life that drain energy so quickly, it’s hard to stay focused and motivated on your BIG Dreams and goals. It would seem simple to remove them from your life, but it’s not always so easy. There are relationships that will always be with you. Those relationships that are inextricably linked and flow into and out of your life.

Strategies for Staying Motivated in Energy-Draining Situations

Rest when you can in draining environments

Rest can be a protective measure. It pulls you away from energies that will steal your enthusiasm. It wraps your energy in a sacred cocoon so that you can continue to move forward when it is safer to do so. But beware, this can also become an escape mechanism and lead to depression if you are in a situation long-term.

When you know you are going into one of these situations, rest well beforehand and prepare yourself for the time you will be there. Remember, it’s temporary. Be gentle with yourself and don’t get stuck.

Reconnect with your core motivation

Your goals and dreams are your way to build a better, more vibrant life. You have a big “why” behind them, even the smallest dream. Remind yourself of that why. Run it as a mantra as you are maneuvering through this down time. Find a pen and paper and write it down one more time. Maybe get creative with it and draw it out. Reconnect with the reason you started this BIG Dream journey in the first place.

Look for reminders of why you have committed to this BIG Dream journey. Is the situation you’re in one of the catalysts for your dreams?

If so, utilize this moment to remember what it was like before you started dreaming again. This will create a stronger bond to your BIG Dream and provide more fire to achieve it.

If not, this could be a moment to clear out the smaller, less painful detritus that could trip you up along your path. Think of it as you would doing laundry or vacuuming your home. A pesky task that needs to be done along the way that supports your bigger vision.

Either way, by connecting with your why again you gain focus and determination to keep moving forward, no matter how small the steps are.

Rejuvenate your energy with nature

Find some spot that gives you energy in order to pull through. This could be your own personal garden, a nearby park, or a trip to the mountains or beach. It might even be just leaning on a tree as you’re walking down the street.

The point is to get grounded. Touch something that is connected to the earth and feed your tension into it. Let that connection pull away the negative and fill you with comfort and calm. Be intentional with your energy and do what you can to preserve it until you can get back to YOUR space and YOUR environment.

The journey toward your BIG Dream is filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and understand who you truly are. It may be challenging, revealing aspects of yourself and others that you didn't expect. But with the right support, you can navigate these challenges and achieve your dreams.

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