Clearing Space for Your Dreams

Sometimes it takes a little decluttering to help you find your BIG Dreams. It helps to remove what is no longer working in order to see what’s left and working. Then you can look forward to what is coming next.

Embracing Decluttering for Growth

I’ve been helping my mother declutter as she grows closer to the end of her adventure in this world. (Don’t worry, she’s not close, just getting closer.) It’s been an exercise of remembrance, butting heads a little, healing old wounds, letting go, and a lot of laughter.

We’ve done a lot of reflection on where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we’re headed. She’s slowing down and I’m gearing up. Her BIG Dream is to be in her garden and watch the wildlife pass through her yard. It’s a quieter dream, one of peace and tranquility.

She has been having fun (with a little sarcasm thrown in there) distributing items to family members and paring down her extensive stash. Watching eyes light up when little mementos are transferred to their new owners and knowing they will have a good home.

Reflecting and Releasing

This process is also helping me to discover where I want my life to go and the things I don’t want to hang onto, mental, emotional, and physical.

Sometimes we hang onto things for sentimental reasons. They bring us joy when we look at them. But sometimes, even though the memory is sweet, they clog up the flow. By having them around, they hold us back from moving forward.

My mother always said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” But I think it also abhors not having room to move.

When I worked with Sondra Hardy from Room To Move, she had a wonderful way of documenting the sentimental thing that no longer had a place and releasing it so that it can bless another. It was simply taking a picture of it and putting it in a photo album or scrapbook so that I could still reminisce, but it no longer took up space in my home.

This allowed me to hold onto the memory, clear up space, and help someone else all at the same time.

Creating Space for New Dreams

Having this cleared space allows “nature” to fill your space with new wonderful things and memories. It allows for the next BIG Dream to have the room to grow and flourish without fighting for space in your mind or home.

It also allows for the person who is receiving your gifts to Dream BIGger as that item supports them along their journey. It’s a wonderful cycle of the “rising tide lifting all boats.”

I invite you to take just a few minutes to declutter an area of your home. Then, as you are wandering through your day, look for what shows up. It could be something small, a quiet message from the universe, or it could be something fairly major, a big win or miracle in a specific area of your life. Either way, it will be something special that will move you forward in your journey towards your BIG Dream.

Take that moment with you in gratitude as you fulfill your BIG Dreams. It is an anchor along the path that will support your personal rise to your best self.

If you feel as though you need support in making your BIG Dreams happen, I invite you to join the next Dream BIG Webinar where we’ll show you the way to find and achieve your first or next BIG Dream so that you can create the life you want and deserve.

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